The open road is paved with protein and caffeine.



There is so much great traditional BBQ in Austin. At Wanderlust, we are exploring the less traveled culinary roads to focus on BBQ that is uniquely delicious. We are pairing that with light, fresh sides, and amazing cold brew and drip coffee from local roasters.


We can’t function without coffee. And not just any ole coffee will do. We serve only locally roasted, cold brew and drip coffee. Personally, our favorites are Ethiopian varieties, but we love all types and want to bring you cups that are magical and make you feel like the first time you fell in love. 


Stay tuned!  We’ll post our future pop-up dates and locations here so you can find us easily. Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to get up to the minute details. If you are interested in having us pop-up at your place, shoot us an email!


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Follow Your Gut 

It is more than a tag line…it’s an ethos. My gut tells me to cook the food I love and serve the coffee that speaks to me. I am a foodie at heart and believe that that are many, many more people like me out there who will love what I do. Come check us out at the next pop-up and see what Wanderlust Craft BBQ & Coffee is all about.

Take only memories. Leave only bones. Adventure awaits!!!

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Word on the Street

We haven’t starting serving food just yet, but people are talking about us nonetheless. That is super cool. Here is what they are saying.

“Wow – that’s a great article! I guess this is happening. No turning back now!!!”

Holly Rutherford
My wife

“Reputed Barbecue Photographer Is Opening a Barbecue and Coffee Trailer.”

Eater Austin

“That’s awesome, brother! Don’t suck – there is too much good BBQ out  there.”

Esaul Ramos
2M Barbecue – san antonio